Easy Pickings

Isn't it annoying when beans are missed during picking? When they're eventually spotted it's too late - large, tough over-grown pods that just don't taste very nice at all, a bit 'chewy' is how my children would describe them. Last season quite a few of my dwarf beans went to waste due to not seeing them easily, the … Continue reading Easy Pickings

Giving Brussels Sprouts Another Go

A couple of years ago I grew sprouts for the first time,  it went OK  but I made mistakes. I didn't pick the buttons quick enough and they all 'blew'. This was not due to having too many plants to harvest all at once but more a case of  being a bit too relaxed about it. Aim to pick sprouts while … Continue reading Giving Brussels Sprouts Another Go

Rhubarb Harvest

I bought a year old crown of 'Timperley early rhubarb last year. Once planted I pretty much ignored it, allowing it to establish. Although it is very tempting to harvest new rhubarb plants you shouldn't, otherwise it could weaken the plant. This season my rhubarb is looking very healthy and has tripled in size. I have just taken … Continue reading Rhubarb Harvest

The Peas Are Planted

  The mangetout seedlings were reaching  for the stars in the mini greenhouse so I began to leave the protective cover off them during the day to harden them off.  I planted a row yesterday and they have curled their tendrils round the chicken wire to support themselves already, clever little things. I grew Reuzensuiker mangetout last season and did … Continue reading The Peas Are Planted