Stumpy Sweetcorn

I wasn't sure if I should bother planting the sweetcorn plants out this year. For months I nurtured and tended to them in the greenhouse; providing an extra layer of glass to increase the temperature for successful germination, covering with fleece whenever the temperature dropped ridiculously low, watering, hardening them off and whipping them in … Continue reading Stumpy Sweetcorn

How to Grow Sweetcorn

I started sowing sweetcorn about a week ago using 4 inch pots inside the greenhouse, the seedlings are germinating well in this tropical heat that we are experiencing at the moment. All you need to keep sweetcorn happy until planted outside (wait until the last frosts are over) is a sunny windowsill, they love the heat but need plenty of … Continue reading How to Grow Sweetcorn

Beautiful Sweetcorn

Nothing beats the taste of fresh sweetcorn cobs cooked  immediately after harvesting, for this reason Sweetcorn will always have a slot in my vegetable garden. I also enjoy growing Sweetcorn because I think the plants are beautiful, they add height and visual interest to the vegetable garden as well as sound, rustling in the breeze. After I … Continue reading Beautiful Sweetcorn

Sweetcorn – Tassels, Silks and Pollination

Our sweetcorn is doing pretty well, the male tassels (flowers) at the top are standing proud and the female silks are starting to show. Now we are coming to the crucial time that could render our first attempt at growing sweetcorn (from seed I might add) either a tasty success or a total failure. Wind … Continue reading Sweetcorn – Tassels, Silks and Pollination