Strawberry Season

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Our strawberries are starting to ripen now, each morning I greedily search through the foliage for ruby red fruit. We grow Cambridge Favourite strawberries and started our patch with just a few plants, collecting runners over the years to plant in old wine crates, troughs and hanging baskets extends our picking enjoyment even further. The original … Continue reading Strawberry Season

Bumper Strawberry Crop

This year has been superb for strawberries. I've been picking large, super sweet fruits in great volumes at the allotment and giving away punnets to friends and neighbours to avoid waste. After doing a bit of research into the reasons why strawberries are so good this year, it seems the cool spring almost certainly played a … Continue reading Bumper Strawberry Crop

Overrun with Strawberry Runners!

My strawberry patch was an explosion of runners recently, the patch had become overcrowded with baby plants self-rooting all over the place and was in desperate need of thinning out. I set to work by digging up well rooted runners gently with a hand fork, potting them up as I went. Smaller plants have been left where they … Continue reading Overrun with Strawberry Runners!

Freebie Strawberries

Last September I replaced some of my old strawberry plants with runners (baby strawberry plants) that were produced throughout the summer. The old strawberries were coming to the end of their productive life, so into the compost bins they went. I transplanted the largest runners that had good root systems outside in a new strawberry bed, covering each row with long plastic tunnel cloches during … Continue reading Freebie Strawberries

Propagating Strawberries

     Some of my strawberry plants needed replacing, they were in their fourth year of fruiting and the yield was much less this year. Throughout summer the plants threw out lots of runners so I potted them up to be the replacements rather than buying new plants. This is how I did it: Fill 3in pots with compost Select … Continue reading Propagating Strawberries