Broad Bean Bruschetta

The broad beans I planted out in November have been ready for picking for over a week, I love picking young pods and eating the small beans while working in the kitchen garden so not many make it to the kitchen at first. I gathered some pods today to make a really simple lunch time … Continue reading Broad Bean Bruschetta

Bringing in the Beans

One of my garden jobs this┬ámonth has been picking beans and bringing them in to shell. We grew 6 different climbing bean varieties this year, each were chosen for their interesting looks, cropping times and versatility. Us Brits usually pick our beans young and small eating┬áthem pod and all while tender, but older tough pods … Continue reading Bringing in the Beans

Foraging Walks

We really enjoy our dog walks through the beautiful countryside surrounding the village. At this time of year the hedgerows have so much to offer, so our dog walks have turned into foraging walks. Miss B doesn't mind, she comes along too. You'll find wild blackberries growing almost anywhere. The sprawling, spiteful plants are a … Continue reading Foraging Walks