Planting Salad Potatoes

I've been planting Charlotte salad potatoes in the glorious warm sunshine. The past few days have been quite warm, easy to forget it's only March. Potatoes use up a lot of space in the veg garden but I always find room for salad types. I have some Charlotte seed potatoes left over so I will probably plant another row … Continue reading Planting Salad Potatoes

Potato Harvest

The Charlotte potatoes are ready for lifting, oh how I love the smell of fresh potatoes from the soil. You can't beat it. I adore the taste of Charlotte, they're a good size salad potato and you can do pretty much anything with them. The seed potatoes had a pretty hot and dry start during the spring heat … Continue reading Potato Harvest

Potato Planting Begins

Seed potatoes have been chitting in trays on my windowsill since January and now have lovely fat shoots on them, last weekend I took advantage of the lovely weather and planted the Charlotte salad potatoes. Charlotte are a yellow-skinned, oval-shaped new potato which are perfect for barbecues and adding to salads, they're a second early potato and can be planted … Continue reading Potato Planting Begins

How to Chit Seed Potatoes

Seed potatoes are usually available to buy from garden centres and seed merchants from early January with different varieties to chose from. These seed potatoes are from disease resistant stock and free from pests, giving you and your soil the best possible start in growing your own potatoes. Chitting seed potatoes encourages shoots to form, … Continue reading How to Chit Seed Potatoes

One Potato, Two Potato…

We harvested some Charlotte potatoes on Friday, our first potato harvest of the year and wow they were scrummy! We harvested two plants which produced more than enough potatoes to feed a hungry family of four, with some to spare too. This was our first time growing salad potatoes and they have definately earned their plot for next year. … Continue reading One Potato, Two Potato…