Unexpected Residents

A few weeks ago the garden smallholding gate swung open to welcome two very dehydrated and extremely hungry hens. They were purchased by some morons who thought it would be really funny to use them as part of a prank and then dump them by the side of a road, luckily this was stopped before it happened and they were brought straight here by … Continue reading Unexpected Residents

Goodbye My Honey

Yesterday I lost one of my beautiful ex-caged hens. Honey was rescued and spared slaughter last August by a wonderful hen rescue organisation called Little Hen Rescue. She came to our garden smallholding with 2 other rescued hens and spent the rest of her time as free as a bird. She was quite a character, quickly securing position as … Continue reading Goodbye My Honey

Feathering Up for Winter

The new rescue hens are growing their new feathers, just in time for the cold winter months. I guess this is a good excuse to reveal how they're looking now. Pumpkin has completed a dramatic make over, growing all her feathers quickly not long after rescue. She's a tall hen with mid-brown feathers and a white … Continue reading Feathering Up for Winter

Rays of Sunshine

I like the title of this post. It describes something positive, something happy and warming. It's exactly how I felt yesterday, collecting our new rescue hens. Three little girls came home with us to start a new life, they're a much-needed tonic for me and everything I can possibly give them will be a tonic for them too. I'm pouring … Continue reading Rays of Sunshine

Little Hen Rescue – June 15th 2013

Do you have room in your chicken coop and space in your garden? Can you offer a retirement home to ex-caged laying hens? Yes? Little Hen Rescue would love to hear from you! Another rescue is scheduled for June 15th with the majority of lucky ladies going to Little Hen Rescue's base in Norfolk, the rest to Cambridgeshire … Continue reading Little Hen Rescue – June 15th 2013