Demolition Man

Rich demolishing the old 'shack'

Wow its all been so hectic around here lately, so much getting done at last and so many new things to do. Rich has been a busy boy removing the old remains of an outbuilding come shack (no, not the one we dug up) complete with old water pipe system. It now resides on a heap ready to be cleared. With regards to the other outbuilding, that has yet to be removed from the ground. Groan.


One half of the vegetable garden pretty much resembles a small hill of earth right now, but its nettle free whoop whoop! The plan is to use this excess soil to fill in the inevitable gaping hole that will remain once the foundations of the buried outbuilding are finally excavated, then we can begin to level off the remaining part of the vegetable garden. I have decided that we need a few more frames for vegetable beds seeing as I want to grow not only more than I had originally thought, but in larger quantities. We have recycled some wood from the old shack so we shall be putting that to good use.

Another job that needs doing and doing fast is erecting a new fence along one side and along the back boundary. We had an incident happen last week where a dog from the neighbouring garden entered ours and frightened our hens half to death. Our German Shepherd dog was behind another fence at the time and could not launch the attack on the dog that he so wanted to. I have nicknamed the dog ‘Lucky’.

Fruit Garden

An Underground Surprise


Not a nice surprise at that.

On attempting to get our mini orchard off to a flying start by planting some of the fruit trees recently purchased, (including our rather lovely Scrumptious apple) we hit something hard with our spades, lurking just below the lawn. “Oh, it’s just a large stone” I said in hope. Surely it couldn’t be anymore loose bricks and rubble? We have already dug up enough of those from the vegetable garden plot to build a small house. OK maybe a slight exaggeration, but there are rather a lot of them.

On attempting to dig a little to the left, then a little to the right of the offending hard mass, we still hit it. We kept trying by going a lot further from the area but it was no good. “More bricks here then Rich, better get these out”.

Easier said than done. On further investigation which generally involved lots of probing and prodding with our forks whilst pulling very miserable looking faces, frowning and generally looking fed up, we had no choice but to keep trying to dig around the area until we found a way down and into the soil to lift the bricks out. At last we managed to find some soft ground and started to dig down, only to find the hidden foundations of a previous outbuilding. Oh no!

Looks like an earthquake

It all started to make sense. Whoever pulled down this building obviously buried all the bricks into what is now our vegetable garden, then chose to leave the foundations, fill them in, turf and forget about it. The foundations go down at least four bricks deep, on top of a thick layer of cement in a trench. We have removed the first two layers of bricks but we have to remove it all. Trouble is it gets more difficult the further down you go. Starting to see why they were buried and forgotten. Grrrrrr.

At least our kids had fun sitting on the foundations!  So, we soldier on with this setback and hope to get the trees planted very soon.

J & J playing on foundations as kids do

Bring back bramble roots, all is forgiven!!