Moving House and Blog Awards!

I’m back, with a big beaming smile on my face! Our house move went really well and we just love our new home, it’s as if we’ve been here for years already. That exciting moment of putting the key into the lock and stepping through the door of our new home for the first time will stay with me for a long time, our new house feels like home. A concern I believe most people have when moving house is fearing the new home in question doesn’t live up to expectations, the legal procedure of buying a house always seems to take such a long time (well it does for us) and this just adds fuel to the fire of an already stressful situation. But we needn’t have worried, our new home is everything we hoped it would be.

As you can probably tell I’m very happy with our new home. The garden is beautiful too, even though it’s cold and miserable outside I’ve been pottering around and exploring as much as I can. I think I know where I want the new veg patch to eventually be, a little more time would be wise to get a real sense of how much sun / shade the area receives. While exploring I found a disused compost bin tucked away, long forgotten at the bottom of the garden. This has now been put to good use, filling up nicely with chicken manure and our kitchen waste. Adding the magic ingredients to start the process of making compost always makes me smile, it’s such an easy and satisfying task to perform. Another reason to be cheerful is discovering my blog has been nominated for a couple of awards, thanks to Lucy over at The Smallest Smallholding.



I need to play along with the following rules:

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Ok, 7 things you may not know about little old me……

1. I’m fascinated with anything to do with the paranormal and I admit to watching all the TV programmes!

2. I design and handcraft jewellery using various media, such as beads, mixed metals and fabrics.

3. I started growing my own vegetables in 2007, using containers. I grew the best carrots ever that way. Little did I know how hooked I’d become, eventually growing a wide variety of crops in a large plot and taking on a full allotment plot some years later.

4. I can’t bake to save my life, although I’m trying really hard to improve by practising as much as possible. Whatever I make is more or less edible, I haven’t poisoned anyone yet so that’s something I suppose.

5. I kill houseplants. Not on purpose I might add it’s just that I’m useless at remembering to water them. Even when I do remember they just don’t seem to like me very much, eventually curling up and dying anyway. Give me a veg garden to look after any day!

6. I absolutely love Harry Potter films, I could sit and watch them back to back all day.

7. I’ve suffered with a sleep disorder called Sleep Paralysis on and off since my teens.

Here are my 10 blog nominees:

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4. Chilli Ninja

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7. Dig the Outside

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9. Allotment Adventures with Jean

10. Flighty’s Plot

Thank you so much for all the well wishes left on my previous post, I really appreciate each and every comment.


A New Home

ladybird in a bug box

I have some news to share – we’re moving house next week.

We’re staying in the village, upsizing to a lovely big family home. I will be sad to leave my vegetable garden behind but happy with the knowledge the new owners are looking forward to joining the ‘grow your own’ way of life.

Our new garden has the most beautiful Koi pond I’ve ever seen, complete with a small bridge. Stepping down the huge rock steps the garden is mostly a blank canvas of extensive lawn and established fruit trees. There’s a greenhouse but sadly no veg garden. Once I’ve had enough time to get to know my new garden I will think about how I could design a raised bed veg patch around the greenhouse, sleepers would look lovely. But for now my allotment will be my place to grow vegetables and get stuck into the growing year.

I will post again once we’re settled, so please bear with me!


Exchange Of Contracts, Finally!

The news we have waited so long to hear is finally ringing in our ears, to say we are over the moon is an understatement. This year has been a long and hard road to follow and now we are a step closer to our dream of the good life. Moving day is just around the corner.


Blogging and Packing

At the moment we are in the middle of packing, not to go on holiday (although somewhere nice and hot would be lovely right now) but to move house – a relocation move. This should explain the lack of substance in our most recent posts, we did not see the point of starting new projects or planning for early crops due to the impending move, so it left little to blog about. This has been rather frustrating at times as there are so many things that we want to do and be getting stuck into.

I did mention to Stiggy over at One Man And His Chickens blog a while ago that I would not blog about this particular ‘touchy’ subject, but the excitement has got the better of me. You see the past year has been awful, very stressful and full of disappointments. This time last year we were in a very similar situation, all set to move and get on with our new lives and plans but through no fault of our own the chain collapsed and we lost not only our buyers but the house we wanted too. Then very early this year we sold again only to have yet more problems within the chain which ended with us losing out once more.

Since late summer this year we have been keeping our fingers tightly crossed and silently hoping that the new chain goes through to completion this time. However, we are not completely out of the woods just yet. Due to an admin error (groan) on our mortgage offer, it has delayed exchange of contracts now for a week, hopefully this will be rectified very shortly. We did not want to be packing up before an exchange had happened, it kind of feels like we are tempting fate and that something will go wrong, lets face it everything that could go wrong previously did and this does knock your confidence eventually.

Even so, it is looking very likely that completion will follow very shortly after exchange of contracts, and I think we are wise to make a head start on the packing even if it does feel a bit scary. Hopefully we will have the news we have waited so long to hear soon, it cannot come quickly enough as we are getting just a little fed up of disappointment and crossing fingers. Surely it cannot go wrong again?