Harvesting Mangetout

I have been harvesting the mangetout recently, a few pods at a time at first but now a good picking session is needed to keep up with them. I love the sweet taste of mangetout. The support frame is bearing up too which is a good job really because the plants are quite heavy now. I … Continue reading Harvesting Mangetout

The Peas Are Planted

  The mangetout seedlings were reaching  for the stars in the mini greenhouse so I began to leave the protective cover off them during the day to harden them off.  I planted a row yesterday and they have curled their tendrils round the chicken wire to support themselves already, clever little things. I grew Reuzensuiker mangetout last season and did … Continue reading The Peas Are Planted

Beans, Peas and Poles

Now is a good time to start putting your choice of climbing support in place for your peas and beans before planting your seedlings out or sowing directly into the ground. Last year my attempt at supporting my rather rampant mangetout was quite frankly pathetic. The whole shoddy structure of poles, sticks, chicken wire and string ended up … Continue reading Beans, Peas and Poles

One Must Support One’s Mangetout

  Super easy to grow and the taste is just so much better than shop bought ones. I forgot how tall the plants actually get and now my support system resembles a pathetic mish mash of chicken wire, sticks, string and bamboo canes....all struggling to support the monster plants. Its failing miserably too, its all leaning over … Continue reading One Must Support One’s Mangetout