Broad Bean Bruschetta

The broad beans I planted out in November have been ready for picking for over a week, I love picking young pods and eating the small beans while working in the kitchen garden so not many make it to the kitchen at first. I gathered some pods today to make a really simple lunch time … Continue reading Broad Bean Bruschetta

Green Tomato Chutney

Our tomatoes are still going strong in the greenhouse but there are plenty of fruits that won't ripen now. Our chutney recipe is perfect for using up a glut of green tomatoes, I made some jars today and it tastes delicious already but should be even better in the months to come. I'll be storing some away … Continue reading Green Tomato Chutney

Pumpkin and Raisin Cake

With plenty of pumpkins stored away I've been looking for recipes to make something a little different with them. This scrummy recipe for pumpkin and raisin cake appealed to me, particularly the spicing which would be pleasantly warming now that colder weather has finally arrived. Serves 12 Ingredients: 250g plain flour 2 teaspoons baking powder 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon … Continue reading Pumpkin and Raisin Cake