A Sunny November Afternoon

The sun was shining today, so we grabbed the opportunity to plant some garlic and carry on with the autumn tidy up. Recent morning frosts claimed the last of our late summer planting of Czar runners. Before the frost hit, the dense foliage hid some fat bean pods, we always miss some, they're too tough … Continue reading A Sunny November Afternoon

Pick of the Crop, Our Choice of Garlic to Grow

Red Duke Garlic is a heritage variety with fierce and spicy flavour, it originates from Moravia, Czech Republic and appears to do well in the UK climate. Attracted initially to the colour and the idea that it may do well in our kitchen garden, we liked it so much we included it in our growing plans … Continue reading Pick of the Crop, Our Choice of Garlic to Grow

Allotment Garlic

I popped to the allotment plot early this morning and was pleased to see the garlic growing well, just one clove failed to sprout which is great considering it was left unchecked until now due to being busy with a house move. Hard frost the year before forced our garlic cloves out of the ground and we had to replant the lot. … Continue reading Allotment Garlic

My Favourite Variety of Garlic

The snow and ice are no more, melted away by yesterday's gorgeous mild weather. While I was rooting around in the soil of my veg garden this morning (oh how I've missed being able to do that) I spotted the Cristo garlic that I planted back in November, pushing through the soil. Garlic needs a cold spell, this month has certainly been … Continue reading My Favourite Variety of Garlic