Blackcurrant Scent

Is it just me or am I the only one who finds the scent of blackcurrant foliage irresistible? It's an unusual smell and probably not to everyone's liking but I just adore it. Now that my blackcurrant bush is bursting into life with fresh zesty leaf bud, I'm finding the urge to smell it difficult to resist. In fact, … Continue reading Blackcurrant Scent

Planting and Pruning my Blackcurrant Bush

Last summer I purchased my very first blackcurrant bush, a variety called Big Ben. As the name suggests the berries are huge! Big Ben is a good blackcurrant for eating fresh from the bush and it's resistant to powdery mildew and leaf spot. It was fruiting at the time of purchase, producing lots of strigs but I wasn't entirely … Continue reading Planting and Pruning my Blackcurrant Bush

Hit and Miss Gooseberries

  I have two Gooseberry bushes, Invicta and Careless. Both have flowered profusely this spring and are now laden with small forming fruits which I will lightly thin towards the end of the month to allow for larger fruits mid summer. Yesterday I noticed some of the fruits on the Careless bush are showing signs of  … Continue reading Hit and Miss Gooseberries

The Plot Thickens – Bring on the Digger!

Don't turn your back on freshly dug earth...... It could turn into this nightmare...... We took our eye off the ball with the remainder of the plot and look....... a jungle! Drowning in a sea of bindweed and other annoying weeds, our orchard area was looking bad, very bad indeed. Fear not, the weeds have … Continue reading The Plot Thickens – Bring on the Digger!


The gooseberries are finished fruiting now and the final pickings did not even make the kitchen. Well, there was not enough fruit to make anything from them anyway, so popping them into our mouths was the obvious solution of course. Leaving them any longer was just an open invite for the birds. We have 2 young bushes, Careless and … Continue reading Gooseberries