Christmas Tree Decorating

Last weekend we collected our tree from Stagsden Christmas Trees. A local family run business, we go there every year and just adore their Christmas shop.

I love decorating the tree, it’s one of the things I love most about Christmas. Our collection of tree ornaments has grown considerably since we first started buying them, right before the birth of our first child, over 20 years ago.

We have chickens on our tree, they’re just gorgeous and handmade by Funky Chicken Gifts


Merry Christmas


With my laptop before me, sitting beside the tree, I wish all of our readers  a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year.


Karen x

Kitchen Garden

Happy Christmas

Christmas decor

Happy Christmas everyone, thank you for taking the time to visit and comment on the blog and welcome all our new followers!

christmas bauble

For those visiting allotment plots or raiding the vegetable patch over the festive period, I hope your harvests are good! Enjoy those Christmas potatoes, parsnips and sprouts.

Karen x


Bringing the Outside In

yule decorations

I’ve really enjoyed decorating the house for the festive holiday, the lingering scent of a fresh tree sets the mood for me. There’s something special about fresh greenery in the house at Christmas / Yule, it’s so cheery and beautiful to look at, and it smells wonderful too.

christmas decoration ideas

I dressed the fireplace mantle using fresh sprigs of pine, fresh pine cones and ivy from the garden, a simple lit berry garland adds a touch of sparkle. Windowsills were dressed with a mixture of pine branches and ivy, pine cones and bunched cinnamon sticks tied with raffia and dried fruit on wires.

yule decoration

yule decoration ideas

Do you like my festive wire Oak tree?
Do you like my festive wire Oak tree?

Add a festive touch to your home by bringing a little of the outside in, use things from the garden or collect bits on a walk.


Merry Christmas

christmas morning

Merry Christmas everyone, have you unwrapped presents yet? What are your plans for today? We’re having a quiet family Christmas on our own this year, no doubt Christmas TV, chocolate and a few tipples will be on the agenda for later on. Tomorrow we are visiting family in London.

christmas tree


Have a magical Christmas and best wishes for the new year.


December in the Garden Smallholding

We’ve had some strange weather and seasons this year, I’ve usually cut the autumn raspberry canes down by now but they’re still fruiting, the summer canes are only just starting to lose their leaves. The rhubarb didn’t really die back properly and doesn’t seem to know what it wants to do either. Snow threatened to land last week but thankfully it came to nothing. I do like snow, I think most people do until the initial excitement and awe of it disappears, the novelty soon wears thin with me anyway. Around this time last year I remember trying to find my vegetable garden which was buried under several inches of cruel snow, at the moment I’m able to visit it whenever I feel the need to ponder or escape for some peace and quiet. Prodding at the soil and making plans in my mind for the coming growing season keeps me sane this time of year, it’s a need, an urge and I just have to be able to do it. There’s plenty of Gladiator parsnips left to pull, I will enjoy some roasted with rosemary sprigs tomorrow with my Christmas dinner. 

Wild birds are enjoying the food that I’m leaving out for them, they’ve already pecked their way through the dying sunflower heads of summer. I love watching the different types of garden birds that visit, it can be quite therapeutic as well as educational. A territorial robin has been amusing me this week, his antics certainly make washing up seem like less of a chore! Holly berries are also being devoured, it’s such a huge tree now that I don’t feel guilty about taking a few branches inside, along with Ivy for decoration.

Wishing all readers a lovely Christmas, many thanks for the visits to my blog and comments that you took the time to leave for me. I read each and every one of them, it’s nice to know that my little corner of blog land is being visited and enjoyed.


Brrr Winter Has Arrived

The run up to Christmas is usually a rainy, miserable and cold affair, not a snowflake in sight. This year we just might have a white Christmas due to the recent snow fall and reports of more on the way.

The hens are totally unimpressed, they had enough of the white stuff in February when most of the UK was under a thick blanket of snow. Blizzard conditions on Thursday evening forced me outside in the dark equipped with a torch and tarps (which are still desperately clinging to the sides of the chicken pens), the hens appreciated my efforts which made all my cursing and freezing aching body parts worthwhile, I guess. The vegetable garden has all but disappeared, I know it’s there somewhere, I might go and dig about later and try to find it. OK, maybe not. I don’t have anything exciting to see anyhow, only a row of garlic which is staying firmly underground for now.

I was thinking earlier of trying to make some extra christmas decorations, little finishing touches using some holly from the garden. We have a HUGE holly tree so I don’t feel guilty cutting some, the wild birds will still have plenty of berries to eat. I must admit im not very creative or ‘crafty’, this sort of thing comes easily to some but with me I usually end up mumbling and swearing to myself, pricking my finger and basically giving up. If anyone has any ideas for holly decorations I would appreciate some tips!

Oh, don’t forget to feed the wild birds everyone! Freezing conditions make it very difficult for them to find food. You don’t need a fancy feeder, just a few handfuls sprinkled on the ground or heaped up high- say on a wall for instance for the smaller birds will do. They aren’t fussy but they will be hungry and appreciate your efforts.


Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas


Merry Christmas xx