Let the Chitting Begin

At last, it feels like I'm doing something productive again. Laying seed potatoes out in trays or egg boxes to chit (encouraging the seed potatoes to sprout before planting) really is the start of the growing year for me. Some say chitting potatoes isn't necessary, I get stupidly excited about chitting mine so I'll carry on doing it … Continue reading Let the Chitting Begin

Chitting Potatoes at Last

I dragged myself away from cleaning the greenhouse yesterday and made my way to our local garden centre to buy seed potatoes and a few other things including onion sets. We've usually done this by now but if you're a regular reader of our blog you'll know we've been a tad busy lately with a house … Continue reading Chitting Potatoes at Last

Chitting Seed Potatoes

To me, setting seed potatoes out to chit heralds the start of the growing year. This year I've decided to grow more potatoes than I usually do (most will be going to my allotment) so there's lots of chitting to be getting on with. I'm sticking with two favourites of mine which are Charlotte, a versatile salad type grown as a second early and Desiree, a … Continue reading Chitting Seed Potatoes

How to Chit Seed Potatoes

Seed potatoes are usually available to buy from garden centres and seed merchants from early January with different varieties to chose from. These seed potatoes are from disease resistant stock and free from pests, giving you and your soil the best possible start in growing your own potatoes. Chitting seed potatoes encourages shoots to form, … Continue reading How to Chit Seed Potatoes