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scrumptious apple harvest 2009

All our fruit and vegetable harvests have been pretty scrumptious to be honest, but this post is mainly about our Scrumptious apple harvest. This year was the first year of fruiting for our young Scrumptious tree and I’m very pleased with the quality and taste of the fruit. In all we managed to harvest 15 good size apples after a great deal of thinning to prevent the tree from trying to produce more. Also, like everyone else I imagine, the wasps got to some of the fruit.

The wasps have been a real pest this year due to the warm spring, we had a nest of them in a conifer tree and I received my first sting ever this year from a wasp. Ouch! I’m not ashamed to say it bl**dy well hurt too! Now they are becoming lethargic and seeking sugary energy, fruit trees and autumn fruiting bushes / canes are taking a battering. I spotted some hornets near our vegetable garden yesterday, oh dear. I know they are good pollinators but they do drive me potty.

Our other apple tree, a young Cox has also produced some lovely looking fruit, probably ready to harvest towards the end of next month. Provided the wasps leave them alone of course.

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Thinning Apple Scrumptious

Apple Scrumptious

Our young apple Scrumptious tree produced more young fruit than we expected it to. This variety of apple are quite large and with the tree being very young, we felt the tree would benefit from being a little less top heavy.

To be honest, we assume the tree felt the same way as removing some of the young fruit was not hard to do at all. We left each fruiting branch with either 1, 2 or 3 young apples, depending on how strong the branch was. Got to say, very impressed with this young tree so far. Hope the taste of the fruit lives up to its name.