We started our allotment journey in April 2011, taking on plot number 4 at a brand new allotment site in our village. The land was uncultivated pasture for 30 years prior to being divided up into plots, we were among the very first tenants signing up.

Plot 4, April 2011

The ground was really compacted, rock hard like cement. Work commenced during a drought that seemed to go on forever, becoming plot holders quickly turned into a nightmare for everyone involved. Still, work carried on and the first of the sheds started to pop up, suddenly the new site started to look like allotments.

Allotment site July 2011
Plot 4, October 2014

Due to Karen suffering with her health we decided to give up our plot in October 2015, it was a very hard decision to come to but right for us at the time. Since then, Karen has gone through two surgeries for stage 4 Endometriosis and Adenomyosis, after years of pain before being listened to which is sadly common for women suffering from these conditions.

Karen really missed the allotments, and after enquiring was offered another plot in March 2018.

Plot 33, March 2018

Plot 33 is a quirky and unloved little plot with a curved boundary at the top, in a lovely position adjacent to the community orchard. The shed that once stood has gone but the slab base still remains. Karen plans to transform this plot over time into a beautiful and productive space. Updates to follow!

7 thoughts on “Allotment

  1. Allotments; good bad and ugly but oh so good! I imagine that if it were easy we’d give up. The satisfaction of clearing the ground and greeting to a point of harvest is unbeatable.

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