Herb Garden

Rosemary Cuttings

Last October I decided to take cuttings from our Rosemary bush, using this very useful guide: http://ruralgardener.co.uk/2011/10/10/time-to-take-rosemary-cuttings/. I admit to not taking cuttings very often, pure laziness on my part but now that I’ve done it and had good results I think I will try taking plant cuttings more often. I did not use rooting compound (simply because I didn’t have any) but it doesn’t seem to have mattered, the cuttings already have a small root system developing and seem happy in their rooting tray for now. I will pot them up individually once they’re stronger and the weather is more settled.

Herb Garden

I’ve Gone all Minty

My herb patch is bursting with beautiful foliage and scent at the moment. A while ago I went herb shopping and bought a few new ones (for me anyway), Salad Burnet and Evening Primrose to name a few. I also bought my favourite herb of all, mint. The cold winter almost wiped out my collection of mints, I grow them in large pots due to them being so rampant. I’ve now added quite a few different varieties, most of which I probably won’t get around to using but that doesn’t matter – they’re beneficial to bees and butterflies and of course very pretty to look at and lovely to smell. I love the different aromas and how they all seem to gel together in a herby-jungly way.

Did you know there’s a variety called Chocolate Mint? Chocolate heaven without the calories, how cool is that?!  Use the leaves with ice cream and other chocolate based deserts, they’re also pretty as a garnish. I treated myself to a pineapple mint too, along with a few more classic garden mints. Which herb is your favourite?