Unexpected Residents

A few weeks ago the garden smallholding gate swung open to welcome two very dehydrated and extremely hungry hens. They were purchased by some morons who thought it would be really funny to use them as part of a prank and then dump them by the side of a road, luckily this was stopped before it happened and they were brought straight here by … Continue reading Unexpected Residents

My Funny Valentine

My funny valentine Sweet comic valentine You make me smile with my heart Your looks are laughable Unphotographable Yet you're my favourite work of art My hen Sky and I having a cuddle to mark her special day - 2 whole years free from a battery cage! Sky is such a character, every single day my funny valentine never … Continue reading My Funny Valentine

The Chicken Bath

Today the weather was sunny and warm, I watched with amusement some of the hens taking a dust bath in the sunshine, the empty veg beds and patch of bare earth near the fence the preferred places. Rolling and raking the soil towards their bodies the hens soon take on a bedraggled appearance, completely unaware of anything going on around them as purring … Continue reading The Chicken Bath

Poorly Hen, Egg Yolk Peritonitis and Other Problems

My beautiful Speckledy hen is feeling under the weather at the moment, it's a complicated situation not made any easier with chickens naturally hiding illness. Ginny was diagnosed with egg yolk peritonitis last summer, a condition which basically means a hen begins laying internally rather than producing eggs in the usual way. Yolks and egg matter drop into … Continue reading Poorly Hen, Egg Yolk Peritonitis and Other Problems

How To Hollow Out a Pumpkin The Easy Way

Each year I grow a couple of extra pumpkins to carve for Halloween. Instead of scooping out the insides myself, I give the chore to my chickens. But I guess it's not really a chore to them, considering how eager they are to help. Each pumpkin is hollowed out in record timing, flesh and seeds vanish (I'm careful … Continue reading How To Hollow Out a Pumpkin The Easy Way