Allotment Blog Pumpkins and Bunting

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Hello there, gardening friends! I realise it’s been rather a long while since my last blog post here and the reason for that is being busy with my new allotment and allotment blog. I have put in a lot of work at my plot since getting it almost a year ago and I’m so pleased … Continue reading Allotment Blog Pumpkins and Bunting

Guide to Keeping Chickens – Housing Your Chickens

Keeping chickens is relatively trouble-free once you have a routine going, but it's surprising how much there is to learn about keeping a small back garden or allotment flock. We decided to pour our knowledge and experience of chicken keeping into handy guides. If you've thought about keeping chickens or just recently acquired some, hopefully … Continue reading Guide to Keeping Chickens – Housing Your Chickens

Strawberry Season

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Our strawberries are starting to ripen now, each morning I greedily search through the foliage for ruby red fruit. We grow Cambridge Favourite strawberries and started our patch with just a few plants, collecting runners over the years to plant in old wine crates, troughs and hanging baskets extends our picking enjoyment even further. The original … Continue reading Strawberry Season