How I Support Peas

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growing peas

I love seeing peas scrambling up natural pea sticks, tiny tendrils stretching out, curling tightly around their rustic support like miniature green springs. However, when it comes to supporting taller and heavier cropping peas (‘Blauwschokker’ for example), sometimes a sturdier or taller form of support is needed. Using several long bamboo canes and pieces of chicken or welded mesh wire, I fashion together support structures that have served me well for many years, even through gales. Unlike netting, wire mesh is safer for wild birds, so it gets a big thumbs up from me.


Measure out the area that you wish to use for planting, then cut your wire to fit using wire cutters making sure it’s at least 5 ft high. Take a cane and pass it through one of the lower holes of the wire at one end, repeat again somewhere in the middle and one last time near the top. Leave…

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  1. I’m testing the new VineSpine linking trellis system this year from Better Bilt. I’ll let you know how it works. I”m glad to see you using a metal system. Last year, I tried PVC pipes and it was a flop. My peas went on strike until I got the old fashioned jute twine up.

  2. […] 3. How I Support Peas. As one of the earliest crops to be sown in the new growing year, I’m sure many of us will be looking on as our peas emerge through the soil. I’m very pleased with how mine have come along in the early spring sunshine we have enjoyed and I’ve been thinking about a suitable support as the little darlings stretch their legs and extend their arms to the sky. Lucky for me, and you, Karen and Rich have shared their simple method to support peas. […]

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