Planting Fruit Trees

Planting Fruit Trees Collage

Yesterday we planted new fruit trees in the orchard, much later than we’d planned due to weather conditions making the ground too boggy to dig. There are 9 mature fruit trees that make our orchard so enchanting (especially now, as the blossom starts to show), but we wanted to add a few trees of our own.

We planted Granny Smith apple, Scrumptious apple, Cox’s Orange Pippin apple and my absolute favourite, Bramley’s Seedling apple. This will become a very large tree and who knows, perhaps our future grandchildren will climb it someday! We have space for another Greengage or two which we are looking to buy soon, sadly our old Greengage tree is leaning dangerously and crumbling away at the base, so this will probably have to be removed at some point due to it being a potential hazard.

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  1. Jeanne Grunert

     /  April 4, 2014

    Good job! We have about 25 trees in our orchard, and the apple trees are my favorite. We started with whips so it took several years to get apples, but last year we harvested our first, and they were delicious. Good luck with your trees!

  2. Lucky you having an orchard, with a choice of apples! xx

  3. Even late, how lovely to plant trees and think about your future grandchildren as you do it. Perfect!

  4. This would be one of my absolute favourite things to do. I am so envious of your orchard, it’s a dream of mine to have an orchard, preferably with chickens and bees! You’ve chosen some really nice apples, especially the Cox which has to be one of the most delicious there is. I’ll look forward to seeing them all in the summer. It’s so satisfying when those first buds break. A job well done I think.

  5. Marvellous to have the space. Fruit trees are amazing things.

  6. Hello Jeanne, thanks for stopping by our blog. Thank you and best of luck with your lovely orchard too!

  7. We’re very lucky Flighty! x

  8. Thanks CJ, the chickens love the trees in summer for shade and protection, autumn for picking over fallen apples.

  9. How lovely to have an orchard. Beautiful photographs too.

  10. Southbourne Gardens, many thanks.

  11. I love fruit trees. Thanks to my parents we have Mango Trees around the house. Good luck on yours!

  12. Mango trees! Wow!

  13. I miss the garden at my old house where there were two apple trees, one cherry (mostly for the birds I think) and a beautiful peach :)

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