Fairy Eggs

Fairy Eggs

I found 3 fairy eggs and 1 normal size egg in total during the first 2 weeks of the new rescue hens being here. Fairy eggs are tiny and yolkless eggs and are also known as witch eggs, fart eggs or wind eggs. They’re usually the result of a disturbed reproductive cycle or occur when a hen is coming back into lay after winter. A young pullet may lay a fairy egg just as she begins to lay for the first time but usually these first eggs contain yolk and are just small for a while before gradually increasing in size. As long as the hen appears to be healthy then there’s really nothing to be concerned about.

ex-caged hen

Both hens are growing new feathers now and taking a break from laying, which they thoroughly deserve.

21 thoughts on “Fairy Eggs

  1. We had one of those yesterday. The first time I’ve come across them. We have 2 hens who haven’t laid for ages, so maybe that is about to change. Let’s hope.

  2. Wonderful, I had no idea, they’re teeny. I’m storing all of this information away, ready for the day I have hens.

  3. I have 3 chickens that are about 6 – 8 months old (we aren’t quite sure) and they started laying a month or so ago. They are half the size of the older chooks but seem to have stopped growing and they all lay these little eggs! They are all good inside although you have to use two to a regular one! So cute!!

  4. I certainly prefer fairy egg to the other choices :)
    My coop has not arrived yet so I’m anticipating getting chickens come summer. I’m so excited as well as nervous. Thank you for sharing the lovely images and of the story of taking in rescue birds–

  5. I’d never heard of these! Am intrigued – hoping to get some chickens in the next few months so will look out for them. Do they tend to be a one-off or will a hen produce a few before laying returns to normal?

  6. I don’t think they’re all that common to be honest, perhaps seen more with young hens laying for the first time but even so they tend to lay smallish eggs with a yolk until they eggs gradually increase in size. I mostly keep older rescue laying hens, so this is quite a new thing for me too.

  7. Aw they look so sweet like quail’s eggs. Have never experienced them, but have had the odd “soft egg” which always worries me. Seem to spend more time fretting over hens than people at times! I hope the girls recover soon.

  8. Unfortunately things did change: we lost the younger of the 2 hens which were not laying. We found her dead in the nest box for no obvious reason. She was about 18 months old, the same age as our one laying hen. The other remaining hen is about a year older. The one we bought at the same time as her died of a heart attack in front of our eyes about 11 months ago.

  9. Oh what a shame, I’m sorry to hear that Karin. Spring can bring about losses, when they’re coming back into lay it can cause problems. I know so many people who’ve lost hens over the last month or so. Chin up x

  10. Thanks for rescuing the hens. I’ve noticed that when my hens go back into egg laying after being off for the winter or for brooding, that their first few eggs are small. Some of my hens lay such rich eggs, it’s amazing to see how round and firm their yolks are: http://wp.me/p44c6k-tU

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