Sloe Gin


On a recent visit to the allotment I spotted sloe berries growing wild nearby. It was one of those moments of complete surprise, I was actually rummaging around in the hedgerow for things to use for decorating the house. Sloes are the fruits of Blackthorn, and they make a yummy gin. How on earth I missed seeing them before now I’ll never know, they weren’t spotted by anybody else – otherwise there wouldn’t be any left for me!

I didn’t have my camera to hand as it was only meant to be a quick visit to plant more garlic, I really wanted a photo of the berries for the blog before I started picking so I used one of those very posh camera phones (not mine). Somehow I managed to work out how to use it. A miracle for me.

It’s not a great photo (and I’ve made the berries look huge) but at least you can see what sloes look like if you didn’t already know. I’m going to make sloe gin using this simple to follow recipe from BBC Food Recipes website.

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  1. lscheuer

     /  December 17, 2013

    How exciting! Cheers!

  2. A good find, I hope the gin turns out well.

  3. Chuckling – yes those berries look more like damsons! However, they look very fine and will make some excellent gin. Don’t forget to come back and share that with us…

  4. Good find – I love foraging! We have a lot of soles around here but somehow I never got round to it this year :(

  5. The Edible Hedge along one side of our allotments is half blackthorn and we have just planted some more in our new hedge around our extension to the site. They are a popular crop. Malc

  6. Our first ever batch of Sloe Gin is waiting patiently in the larder for next week. It looks beautiful.

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