RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch 2013


Watch the birds visiting your garden or local park on the weekend of 26 – 27 January 2013 and submit your sightings (bird sighting form will be open from the birdwatch weekend until 15 February 2013) to the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch. I take part every year, it’s very easy and only takes an hour of your time!

Register to receive a free birdwatch pack full of tips:

You can also download and print out this handy bird ID sheet to help with your birdwatch:

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  1. Thanks for the reminder! Tracey

  2. We have the same birdwatch in France. I’ll keep the bird ID sheet, it will be useful for me to remember the English name of birds.

  3. It is important we all do this. Our bird populations are in such drastic decline at the moment they need all the help we can give them. hopefully the results may give the RSPB some ammunition in campaigns.

  4. As always I’m looking forward to doing it, and as well as all the usual sightings would like to see something different for once! xx

  5. Reblogged this on Science on the Land and commented:
    I hesitate to reblog Karen’s words here, because I’ve never got organised to do the Great Garden Birdwatch. But perhaps this year I will. Anyway, if you’re in Britain perhaps you will.

  6. Heidi

     /  January 15, 2013

    Am looking forward to doing it this year having moved into a really rural location and have so many more birds here – they are more demanding than the chickens coming hovering at the back door and chirping away for their food but incredibly cute and a joy to have the little robin following me round as I garden – real pecking order going on here!! (The chicks win)

  7. Reblogged this on The Smallholder Review and commented:
    This is brilliant! I’ll definitely be joining in!

  1. Get £5 just for counting the birds in your garden | Inside Croydon

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