Happy New Year 2013

Allium seed heads remind me of fireworks

Happy New Year, I hope 2013 is a better growing season for us all, with bumper harvests and long sunny days.

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  1. Thanks, to you too and I hope so! xx

  2. A lovely picture. I’m with you on hoping for a better growing season in 2013! Happy New Year

  3. I’ll never look at allium seed heads without thinking of your Happy New Year post – thank you! I think alliums go to seed here just a little too late to be part of our Canada Day (July 1st) celebrations.

  4. Happy new year to you too! :)

  5. Beautiful photography.

  6. Thank you Jean!

  7. Heidi

     /  January 3, 2013

    Here’s to a productive 2013 for everyone – new to the site and am inspired to get the veg patch in order this year – my three chooks will love it!!

  8. Hello Heidi, thanks for your comment. Get your chooks to help dig over the veg patch before sowing, they’re great mini rotavators and will happily munch pests in the soil for you.

  9. Happy New Year and many more pictures and news from your garden!

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