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How to Chit Seed Potatoes

chitting seed potatoes

Chitting seed potatoes is a green light to get plans underway for the growing year, it’s a reminder that spring is just around the corner, I can feel it in the air and I can hear it in birdsong – an exciting time for gardeners.

Garden centres and seed merchants are stocking and selling bags of seed potatoes now so I popped out last weekend and bought mine. I went for Charlotte salad potatoes again because we love them, also Picasso which is a main crop variety and a first for me with good disease resistance. Normally if I have the space for growing main crop I usually go for tried and trusted Desiree but I threw caution to the wind and went for something different. Ooh get me!

Chitting seed potatoes encourages shoots to form, this is particularly helpful with early potatoes (earlies) to get them off to a flying start before planting.

chitting potatoes

To chit your seed potatoes simply stand them in an egg box or tray with the eyes facing upwards towards the light, keep them in a cool, light and frost-free place where they will soon produce short dark green sprouts (shoots) which will help give an earlier crop when planted. They can stay in their trays until planting conditions are right, usually from March onwards ready for lifting around June time. Main crop can go in a few weeks after earlies and second earlies, they’ll be ready for lifting anytime from late August through to the end of the year, depending on variety.

Happy chitting and potato growing!

4 thoughts on “How to Chit Seed Potatoes”

  1. Thanks for the reminder. I purchased a kilo of Charlotte seed potatoes yesterday. I don’t have room for many, but should manage that much.

  2. Thanks for explaining the maincrop and when to put them in the ground. I have 3 egg trays full of chitting potatoes and was thinking now when do these go into the ground?

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