How to Plant Leeks

Yesterday I took the plunge and planted out the leek seedlings, they are a first for me so I have no idea how they will do. Leeks are planted out in a slightly different way to other vegetables, I did a bit of swotting up before planting  them into their final position. This is how I did it:

When your leek seedlings are around 6 inches tall or the width of a pencil they are ready for planting.

Push a dibber completely into the soil to create deep planting holes, around 6 inches deep should do it.

Drop a leek seedling into each hole.

Using a watering can,  fill the holes to the top with water. A little soil will cover the roots which will help to settle the leeks in, don’t be tempted to back fill the holes with soil – the leeks need the space for their stems to swell. Don’t worry, soil will naturally fill in over time.

With a bit of luck I might have a good crop of leeks to harvest from late autumn to early spring.



  1. Excellent advice there Karen!

    I love leeks – especially with cheese and ham…mmmm!

    If only someone would come dig our plot over…

    …want to volunteer?


  2. I cheated and bought some seedlings last year. I found they took a long time to develop, but we had some good sized ones recently. Maybe I planted them too late or maybe the weather wasn’t right for them last year. Good luck with yours.

  3. Hi Karen,
    I think I will try to grow some leeks. I have done so in the past but has it has been a disaster. From looking at your entry I see where I went wrong. Leeks will definately be on the menu for Spring!

  4. Hi Karin, I cheated too and bought the seedlings a while ago. They were very small so I grew them on in pots till they thickened up. Hopefully they will do well :) x

    Hi Sarah, where did you go wrong out of interest? I have no idea how these will turn out, but it’s fun trying :) Good luck with your next attempt x

  5. I know where I went wrong, I planted them too early, they should have been a little bigger and also I planted them at the height of our summer, not a good time for leeks in Australia. Also I didn’t plant them deep enough. This time I am going to get it right and plant them at the end of winter. Good luck with yours.

  6. […] I planted my very first Leek seedlings in May and was fascinated by the way they are just dropped into holes and pretty much left to get on with it. It did seem very alien to me planting this way and to be honest I didn’t really know what to expect, but here we are in September and they have come on really well. Big strapping Leeks and very tasty I am pleased with my first attempt at growing Leeks even though some have bolted and are not quite as good. Perhaps the hot spell in the summer had something to do with it, despite trying my very best to keep them well watered. Any ideas why some of the Leeks have bolted? […]

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