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A Good Year for Tomatoes

Tomatoes 2009

Well it is for me anyway! I started mine from seed and gave half my plants to my dad. He planted his in deep grow bags sited in full sun in the middle of his veg garden, while I chose to use pots against the house wall, early morning and late evening sun with some degree of shelter from rain. My dads tomatoes died a blighty old death a couple of weeks ago,  mine however are going great guns and producing good size tomatoes that ripen well on the vine.

Tomatoes 2009

I believe a combination of planting seedlings deep when potted on, shelter from rain, not too much sun, weekly feeding and not over watering has helped with the success of tomato growing this year. It’s now September, the weather has turned autumnal and my plants are still deep green, producing, thriving with good size tomatoes ripening on the plants. I will try this method again next year and compare. I think my dad will too!

Were your tomatoes a success or failure this year?