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The Hardworking Gardeners


The packing is now almost done, just the last few essentials remain. Its all very exciting and scary at the same time, but we are all looking forward to getting settled into our new home in time for Christmas.

Yesterday we spent some time in the garden generally cleaning and tidying around. A few pots of finished plants and veg needed tending to and the hens decided they would like to help ‘clean up’ the woodlice that ran out from under the plant pots, they mostly made a mess but they throughly enjoyed helping us out. After all their hardwork they were treated to a bowl of lettuce, dried mealworms, sweetcorn and grain.

Well, its hungry work this gardening lark!


Tough Old Birds, The Morning After Bonfire Night


I spent most of last night worrying myself sick about the hens while the fireworks were whizzing and crashing around, and im sure I was not alone. Our dog does not bat an eyelid at fireworks, in fact he seems to rather like them. I have always said he was wasted on us and should have been a working dog. Our rabbits have seen it all before, if the fireworks get too loud they happily hop into their bedroom department of their hutches and sit it out, but the hens I was very worried for.

I let the girls out earlier than usual this morning, purely because I was fretting about what I would find. All sorts of scary images flashed through my mind, I took a deep breath and opened the pop hole… worry was all in vain! They all barged their way eagerly out of the coop like they always do and started eating and scratching around in an instant.

Its amazing really how tough ex battery hens are, but then again I guess they have to be considering their past lives. I did expect their egg production to be down or of poor quality due to the trauma of the fireworks today but again I was wrong, all six hens laid and not one soft shelled egg amongst them.

They truly are tough old birds!


Exchange Of Contracts, Finally!

The news we have waited so long to hear is finally ringing in our ears, to say we are over the moon is an understatement. This year has been a long and hard road to follow and now we are a step closer to our dream of the good life. Moving day is just around the corner.


Daft Rabbit and Defender Of Chooks

As we have mentioned before, we have two pet rabbits here. One is a black and white Dutch called Niki, my (Karen) favourite breed of rabbit for their lovely nature, and an agouti Dwarf Lop called Edge who is a daft as a brush, whatever that means. Edge is our daughters pet and she looks after him very well ensuring all his daily needs are met. We feel this is a great way for children to learn the responsibility of owning and caring for an animal.

We have kept numerous rabbits here for many years and can honestly say have never had a rabbit quite like Edge before, he is truely unique. Not only does this rabbit think he is a cat, or human or both, he actually adores our daughter in the sense that he follows her everywhere, loves to be cuddled, handled, brushed and stroked, never once has he displayed any type of aggression or distress. Of course our daughter is very responsible and looks after him well, but even so the bond between them is magical. Edge has no fear either of our rather large German Shepherd dog who roams the garden smallholding. Edge would rather lick our dog on the nose than run away, he really is that daft!

Onto our German Shepherd dog. He is 3 years old now and he has been a part of our family since he was a tiny puppy. Looking back at his puppy photos its hard to believe he was once so small! We have nicknamed him ‘Defender Of Chooks’ because he chased a fox away that crept out of some shrubs in daylight to get a closer look at our hens. It was a pure heart-in-your-mouth moment that was over in seconds, our dog saw to that and we have not had another daylight visit since. Clever fox.